Roulette – The ball decides

Roulette is one of the most famous games of chance in the world. Likewise, it is among the most popular and most played games. This is due, among other things, to the relatively good chances of winning (compared to many other games of chance) and the simplicity of the game. The game enjoys a worldwide distribution and a long tradition.

As a rule, roulette is offered in casinos. But the vast majority of Internet casinos also offer roulette. In roulette, players have to bet on specific numbers or on properties of numbers. The number is determined by throwing a ball into a rotating cauldron. At which number the ball remains at the end, is pure coincidence.

Rules of the game

Roulette is one of the simplest games of chance of all. There are neither complicated rules nor complex strategies to worry about. However, it can be a bit confusing for beginners at first, as there are several bets with different payout amounts and different probabilities of winning. First of all it should be said that there are two different types of roulette. There is the European roulette (in reality it is the French roulette) and the American roulette. In French roulette there are 37 numbered slots, while in American roulette there are 38. Basically it is rather recommendable to play the French roulette, since here the chances of winning are a little bit higher, since there is only one 0, with which one can lose money. In American, on the other hand, there are 2 times the digit 0. Otherwise there are the numbers 1-36 in roulette. Beyond that, however, there are no other differences in these two types of roulette.

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Gambling bets

A very simple bet is for example. betting on the color black or red. Here the player has a chance of winning of about 48 percent. in case of a win you get back the double amount (stake included). So you would double your game chips in case of a win.
Popular are among other things also the outside bets. Here, in addition to the colors bspw. also bet on whether an even or odd number comes up. You can also bet on numbers between 1-18 and 19-36. With these bets, the probability of winning is as high as with color. The payout amount is also the same.
More risky are e.g. the roulette inside bets. You can e.g. betting on only one number. If you are right in European roulette, you will be paid 36 times your bet. The chance that you have bet correctly is therefore 1 in 37.
It is also possible to bet on one of the three series of numbers in each case. Here you would have a chance of winning almost 1 in 3. The same applies to betting on the numbers from 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. In the case of a win, you get paid out 3 times the bet.


There are no real strategies in roulette per se. At least there is not one strategy which is more promising than other strategies. Popular is bspw. the strategy in case of a loss to double the bet amount. However, it should be noted that casinos (including online casinos) have different maximum bet limits. Likewise, there are also minimum amounts that you have to bet. All this would again influence the strategy.

Last but not least, roulette is one thing above all: a game of chance where the ball decides the outcome.