5 popular types of gambling that everyone knows about

Gambling is widespread throughout the DACH region and there are millions of people who practice it at least occasionally. In this regard, there are mainly 5 types of gambling to mention. Which are, we want to show you in this article.

Sports betting

Sports betting is extremely popular. All the more gratifying that it is now possible to place a bet anytime and anywhere. It is just important not to stick to just any provider, but to choose a trustworthy bookmaker. An example of a reputable place to start would be Bet3000. If you look at the Bet3000 experience, you will immediately notice that it is a good betting provider. In the course of the crisis, however, the betting landscape has also changed a bit. In addition to the postponement of the European Football Championship, at times even the leagues were paused. Currently, this is no longer the case, but it can not be ruled out that such a situation will occur again. However, even then you would not have to give up sports betting completely, as there is an interesting alternative in the form of e-sports.


It is little wonder that slot machines enjoy great popularity. Finally, the selection of slots is enormous and this applies to both land-based and online casinos. However, it is now once so that online casinos in contrast to classic casinos have no place limit. So you can offer as many slots as you like. This self-explanatory benefits the players. There are enough options in any case. Whether it’s slots with progressive jackpots for the really big winnings or movie/series based slots for an atmospheric experience – there’s something for everybody.

Gambling on slots | Photo: JESHOOTS-com, pixabay.com, Pixabay License

Scratch cards

There is a good reason why every kiosk usually has a large selection of scratch cards on hand. After all, these are no less in demand than lotto or sports betting. Players should know, however, that the chances of winning can vary greatly for the different types of scratch cards. Transparent are the providers but in any case. You just have to look at the back of the ticket and there you have a direct overview of the possible winnings as well as their chances of winning. This can help you choose.


The main attraction of lotto is that with a small stake you can theoretically win millions of dollars. Although it takes a lot of luck, but at least the whole thing is not impossible. For many, this is a reason to play online lotto to test their luck. Whether EuroJackpot, LOTTO 6aus49 or Gl├╝cksSpirale – there is no shortage of offers. In addition, it is possible to form betting syndicates to increase the chance of a high win.


Whether in a land-based casino, online with live dealer or at home with friends – few are averse to a cozy round of poker. When it comes to card games, poker is high on the list and given the fun of the game, that’s not surprising. In addition, poker is one of the few types of gambling that is also suitable for professionals. Who brings the necessary degree of discipline and is willing to acquire the necessary expertise, can in principle start out as a professional.