Play with a coupon code in the casino

The classic among the welcome gifts – the coupon code.

The Internet sets the pulse of the times, and the current pandemic has added to that state of affairs. Today, there is almost no area of life that is not influenced by the network. This includes the field of leisure and entertainment, and online casinos definitely belong to this field.

And this has its good reason. Online casinos are available everywhere and around the clock. No matter whether on the way, at home or in the break in the office. This makes online casinos very attractive for many players. With a bonus, such as the sunmaker gutscheincode makes playing in the casino even more fun.

Many casinos offer their customers, usually directly after registration and the first deposit – a bonus on the gaming account. For this the new customer receives a coupon code. The amount of the bonus can be quite different, up to 100%, everything is possible. With such a 100 percent bonus, this would mean doubling the deposit.

What advantages such a coupon code has and what to consider, this article explains.

How a coupon code works

Of course, everything depends on the provider. Just as the range of games, slots or sports betting varies, so does the design of the bonus. New customers usually receive a welcome bonus, and this can vary in amount and design from provider to provider.

Playing at the casino with a coupon code

However, basic rules apply to all voucher codes. There are some providers who offer a no deposit bonus, but usually new customers receive a bonus on their deposit. The amount of the bonus provides information about how much the player can play with in the casino in total. For example, with a 100% bonus and a 10 euro deposit, the player can thus make his bets for a total of 20 euros.

In addition to a percentage bonus, some providers also offer other benefits in the form of fixed bonus amounts, bspw. 15 Euro bonus on a 100 Euro deposit, or the addition of free spins. This means that every new customer can test the entire range of games offered by the provider with relatively little effort.


  • New customers can increase their bet
  • So they can test the provider with little effort
  • This means more gaming fun

Bonus rules to follow

In order to get the full bonus of the coupon code, the players must observe and comply with the regulations.First, the new customer must register with the provider and create a player account. Then a deposit must be made to the account. After entering the coupon code and fulfilling all the rules, there is then the welcome bonus.

Such rules can be, for example, that per household the bonus may be claimed only once. In addition, demands for certain turnovers are conceivable, as well as the requirement that the bonus is paid out only after a necessary minimum turnover is reached. Failure to comply with the bonus rules may result in the complete bonus being forfeited.


Casino games are currently very popular. With a coupon code new customers can benefit from a lucrative bonus. With this welcome gift, the player can test the offer of the casino provider with relatively little effort. So playing in the online casino is twice as much fun.