Online casinos – the advantages compared to an arcade

Compared to a local gambling hall, online casinos have many advantages. Because it is not only the fact that a player does not have to leave his own four walls for the game in an online casino. There are several other advantages that speak for an Internet casinos.

Higher payout ratio ensures greater chances of winning

Especially with the slot machines, the payout rate is significantly higher than in a gaming house. Not infrequently it amounts to 97. This means that for a stake of €100, theoretically €97 is paid out to the players in the form of winnings. 3% or three euros the online casino keeps as a profit margin. This is of course a much lower profit than stationary casinos have to generate him. Because an on-site casino has significantly higher costs, for example, for the rooms and the slot machines must be purchased and regularly maintained, because unlike an online casino, it is not only software. In addition, high personnel costs are incurred.

Gaming cube | Image: Clker-Free-Vector-Images,, CC0 Creative Commons

Welcome bonus increases the starting balance

Something that also does not exist in an arcade is the welcome bonus, which almost every online casino distributes to its new customers as a reward for their registration and first deposit. This is usually a so-called deposit bonus, which is oriented in terms of its amount to the first deposit. At Platin Casino ( it is, for example, a doubling up to an initial deposit in the amount of 100 €. This increases the starting balance and the new customer can start with more money in the gaming fun. However, such a bonus is also always linked to bonus conditions, which the player must fulfill before he can request a withdrawal without any harm.

Winner at the slot |© auremar,

Winner at the slot |© auremar,

Playing on the road possible

The modern online casinos today all have apps, making it possible to play on the go via smartphone or tablet PC. Therefore, if you want, you can play on the way to work in a public transport or bridge annoying waiting times, for example at a doctor’s office. Often no software needs to be downloaded, but the games are simply played from the browser.