Checklist: Recognizing a good online casino

Roulette game | Photo: by Angelo_Giordano (Author), Pixabay Licence

Online casinos are currently a dime a dozen, but not every one is truly reputable. In addition not everywhere the same fun lures, because the offers differ also in their quality. Gambling enthusiasts who are looking for an uncomplicated entry into a virtual casino therefore have a rather difficult time at first, because they have to look carefully when making their choice. With our checklist you will reach your desired destination without detours.

1. The licensing

With online casinos, by the way, it depends in the very first place on the licensing: A casino operating in Germany should be able to show a valid European license in any case. For this purpose, for example, the island state of Malta has established. The Malta Gaming Authority is highly active in its field and applies strict review criteria before giving its okay. So if you come across an MGA license in your search for the right virtual casino, you’ve already got half the battle in the bag. After that it is important to go into detail.

2. The company behind the platform

A little more trouble makes it, the companies behind the respective online casinos in the eye to seize. The operator does not necessarily have to have the same name as the casino, it is in a serious web presence in the imprint. Inform yourself about the company history, that’s what friend Google is for after all. Look at how the press reports about the company and maybe you will also come across meaningful customer reviews. All this can be very valuable if you want to thoroughly secure yourself.

3. The complete imprint plus privacy policy

The said imprint should of course always be integrated into the casino website with all legally required information – anything else is very suspicious. This also includes various direct contact options as well as a link to the responsible regulatory authority. In addition to the imprint, a privacy policy is mandatory for every commercial platform in Germany, you should also be able to reach this quickly with one click.

4. The customer reviews on the net

We have already mentioned customer reviews on the web, but only regarding the company operating in the background. Of course, you should also look at the reviews that are directly related to your chosen online casino to find out what experiences other users have had so far. You can safely sort out the complete slurs and praise, it is better to listen to balanced reviews with pros and cons. This gives you a good initial overview and allows you to compare your personal requirements with the offers of the casino.

5. The user experiences of your friends

If you have already asked strangers about their experiences with online casinos, you can now start asking your friends about it. Which platforms have you already visited? Were they satisfied with their choice – or were there any problems?? Honestly, your closest acquaintances are still the best source of reliable information, even if some of them might not want to share their experiences directly.

6. The virtual game selection

Maybe you just wish you could play roulette like in a James Bond movie – but digitally. Then, of course, you should pick a provider that offers you just that, preferably with a live croupier and stunning graphics. However, in the long run you might get a bit bored of always hanging around the same gaming table. Then you will be happy if your platform also offers many different card games such as poker, blackjack and baccarat. Not to forget the slots, the dice games, the wheel of fortune … and many more.

7. The customer service of the online casino

Everyone who is often on the Internet knows that: Somewhere it always hangs, something does not work properly, questions arise. Sometimes you’re in quite a hurry to overcome these obstacles, but there’s no helping hand in sight far and wide. A really good online casino has a friendly customer service that can be reached promptly. He is available to you by mail, via contact form or live chat. And of course he must speak your language so that you understand him and he understands you.

Customer service | Photo: by Vera Kratochvil (Author), CCO Public Domain (Licence)

Customer service | Photo: by Vera Kratochvil (Author), CCO Public Domain (Licence)

8. A rewarding bonus system

If you have already compared a few online casinos with each other, you will have noticed that the providers always have different bonus systems up their sleeves. Especially newcomers are strongly solicited, which is why some casinos double the first bet on their own initiative. But one day you’ll be an old hand too and then you’ll still want to benefit from discounts. So take a close look at what your casino of choice pampers its customers with and whether it can compete with the competition in this discipline. You certainly don’t want to hang around on a platform that flaunts its stinginess from the start.

9. Deposits and withdrawals

If you are not satisfied with just playing money, but also want to invest real money and hopefully win, it will stand you in good stead to pay attention to the deposit and withdrawal modalities. A wider choice of payment options will also benefit your personal flexibility, but most importantly, it should include the money system that you prefer to use. In addition, you can also find out how much time passes until the winnings are paid out and how they reach you. Because that’s basically what matters the most, right??