Play more Eurojackpot for less money

Playing Eurojackpot is becoming increasingly important. This is of course due to the twelve winning levels. In addition, main winnings between 10 and 90 million euros are tempting. But also already Chances of winning in the lower winning levels are at a probability of 1: 42. This is also a special incentive to participate in this lottery. The stake per betting line is 2,00 Euro. However, there are differences in the Eurojackpot fees that are charged in addition to each ticket. The fees differ in the individual federal states to a considerable extent. They vary between 0.10 and 0.70 euros per ticket. Therefore the Eurojackpot prices differ to a considerable extent.

Lotto prizes

A typical example

In order to better illustrate how the fees differ, an example calculation should serve as follows. If you hand in a Eurojackpot ticket at a lottery store every week, you have to pay a fee for the Eurojackpot within one year pay fees in the amount of 5.20 to 36.40 euros. In most federal states a fee of 50 cents is charged. This creates annual costs in the amount of 26 Euro. With the uniform costs of 2.0 euros per betting series, the fees could be paid by the customer already 13 additional betting fields be filled out. This significantly increases the chances of winning. Of course, many interested parties then ask themselves how it is possible to find a suitable provider on the Internet Playing Eurojackpot to save the fees? This question is answered below.

Play Eurojackpot without additional fees

There are some online portals where it is possible to participate in the Eurojackpot without additional fees. There, only the fee for the betting series in the amount of 2.00 euros must be paid. The additional Eurojackpot fees charged in the lottery stores for the lottery ticket do not apply. However, the selection of a suitable provider should be done carefully. When searching the Internet, there are sometimes ads from dubious providers. But there are good ways to find reputable and, above all, trustworthy providers.

Find a reputable provider

Anyone who would like to play Eurojackpot without paying unnecessary fees can find numerous providers on the Internet. This includes among others LottoStar24 However, there are numerous other providers who do not charge any additional fees. When choosing a provider, it is important to make sure that the provider is certified. In addition to the seals of approval, such a site should also be secured by Norton SSL. If you want to make the search for a suitable provider a little easier, you can also use the site TrustedShops.en or search for corresponding offers. We have checked that our example – LottoStar24 – meets these criteria. You can also benefit from their voucher offer: 3 Eurojackpot betting field for only 2€.


The basic Eurojackpot prices are identical everywhere with 2.00 euros per tip. Differences only occur in the fees for the lottery tickets. These differ in the respective federal states. It does not depend on the place of residence of the player, but on the place where he has submitted the betting slip. However, it is quite possible to play Eurojackpot without paying additional fees for the lottery ticket. This succeeds best online. Trustworthy providers can be found on the Internet. The money saved can then be invested in additional betting lines. This increases the chances of winning, so that the dream of a bigger prize actually comes true.