DHL wants to offer better service.

In the future, customers will be able to choose when their package is delivered.

Deutsche Post DHL, as the all-knowing parcel delivery service is called in full, wants to offer customers better service in the future. Soon, it will be possible for the recipients of the parcels to determine the delivery time themselves. The aim is to reduce the number of parcel recipients who are not met.

Parcel delivery

Everyone knows the problem. Of all things, when you are not at home, the parcel carrier tries to deliver a delivery of goods ordered on the Internet. While other parcel services come back once or twice and try to deliver again, DHL only makes one attempt.

The parcel recipient then finds a note in his mailbox saying that he was not available when the parcel was to be delivered and that he should please come himself to the nearest post office to pick up his parcel. But please not before the next working day and only during employee-unfriendly opening hours.
Some people also claim that many parcel deliverers throw the ominous notification slip into the mailbox without even checking whether the recipient is at home.

Better service

In the future, the delivery of parcels to recipients is to be made more flexible and thus better. Customers will then be able to choose from several variants at once. Then, for purchases on the Internet for delivery on weekdays, he can set a two-hour time window for delivery between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. himself. His parcel is guaranteed to arrive within these 2 hours.

Or he decides to drop off the package himself at one of the 11 or so.000 parcel stores to pick up parcels. The Paketshop must be indicated then as ship-to-address, completely as it is already usual today with the packing stations.
Of the DHL Packstationen there is to be besides in the future still much more. There are currently approx. 2.750 packing stations, in Berlin for example. 180 pieces. In the capital alone, a further 50 vehicles are to be added to the fleet.

But before everyone starts cheering, it should be noted that the self-selection of the 2-hour slot for parcel delivery will initially only be offered in 5 regions. This includes 50 major cities, such as Hanover, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Dresden and Leipzig.
In these cities, there was already the option of setting delivery for 6 to 8 p.m. or 7 to 9 p.m. And free of charge for the recipient. This will probably not remain so in the future. Experts expect additional costs of 3 to 5 euros for specifying the delivery window.

Further improvements

In addition to the aforementioned service improvements, which will make delivery more flexible but also more expensive, Deutsche Post DHL has other ideas in its quiver. In the future, more parcel boxes will be installed in apartment buildings. In these then the packages for the house inhabitants are deposited. This also saves the inconvenience of having to pick up the parcels yourself.

StreetScooter electric vehicle

DHL is also working on improvements in terms of eco-balance. To this end, it recently acquired the StreetScooter company and now produces electric vehicles for itself and also other. The old VW diesel vehicles are gradually being phased out.

As you can see, Deutsche Post has recognized the signs of the times and is aware that it has to offer its own customers improvements in service in view of the growing competition.