Keno: Which strategies you should use

One of the most popular games of chance in Germany is Keno. The game, which originated in China, has slightly different rules depending on the country, as is the case with the classic Lotto 6 out of 49. Online, 20 out of 80 numbers are usually drawn, while the player can bet on one to 20 of them. With so much mathematics, it is clear that there are strategies that work better than others. Which are, we explain to you here.

Better chances are half the battle

lottery balls | Photo: ChiniGaray,, ChiniGaray

As in most games of chance, it is also important in keno to bring the right strategy to guarantee the greatest possible success. Now it is still a game of chance, so we should emphasize that the chance of failure is higher than the chance of winning. Nevertheless, there are some ways in which you can increase your chances of winning. Basically, the more numbers you pick, the higher your profit. Say, if you get one out of two right, your winnings will be less than if you get three out of three numbers right. The principle of calculating winnings follows the search for big luck in the classic 6 out of 49 lottery. Here, however, already begin the differences, because online is played mainly with a board of 80 numbers, while in the official acceptance points in Germany, the variant with 70 numbers has prevailed.

The more tips on different numbers are now given, the higher is also the possible profit. However, of course, your stake also increases, which must be recovered through winnings again. The more picks you make, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot in keno, so the medium picks around four to eight numbers are especially worthwhile for the average player. There are so many combinations here that it is worth making a bet. Therefore, always inform yourself in advance about the chances of winning your chosen keno variant. It changes from game to game and between online and offline games. Some variants allow you to win completely without hitting any numbers, others have no jackpot at all, and still others allow you to bet on entire board ranges.

Probability calculation: every game is unique

Strategy | Image: Kaboompics .com,, Pexels license

Strategy | Image: Kaboompics .com,, Pexels license

Another important point for your strategy is to understand the probability of a draw in keno. It is especially important to know that every single round in the game is unique. Even if you just missed the big win last time, this has no influence on the next round of play. It starts from scratch every time, so statistically there are no lucky or unlucky streaks. With the best keno providers, it is also possible to test the selected version in advance free of charge. Especially for newcomers to the game, this makes the start much easier, so they can slowly get used to the realities of gambling without any losses. But even experienced users like to play a round of keno, for example, if they do not want to bet with real money.

Even though, as mentioned, each round must be seen as a new game, the probability suggests that sooner or later the number of a drawn number will align with the others. That is why cold numbers, i.e. those that have been drawn only rarely, can be particularly worthwhile. In order to eventually come up with the same proportion of hot numbers, they eventually have to appear on the screen a few times.

In summary, it can be emphasized that there are no sure strategies to be successful in keno. However, a sufficient understanding of the game and the retention of important strategic elements mean that the chances of winning can increase somewhat. The most important thing is anyway to have fun playing keno. This is the only way to ensure a successful entertainment.