How to become a winner?

Sometimes it seems as if a team has booked success for itself. The same applies to individual players. You simply have the drive and motivation to be successful for years or even decades to come.

How do you manage to practically always go to your limit? If you once remember the dominance of a Michael Schuhmacher in Formula 1, when it was really about driving performance and less about the quality of the car, or take a look at the unique career of Roger Federer, you will understand that these athletes are surrounded by a nimbus. They are or were not part of the sport and the sport is not meant to determine part of one’s life – these athletes are the sport. They permeate the discipline so much that history must be unwritten after them.

This is not usually the claim of a private sportsman or a hobbyist, but you can still learn a lot from these idols. You don’t always have to limit the winning mentality to sports alone. Today it is the rule to compete on the Internet with players around the world. Especially this is expressed in the form of online casino. There you are offered games for which just a few years ago you would have had to visit a real casino in the analog world. Today, the security and quality have increased so much that there is hardly any difference between the traditional casino and the online variant in terms of excitement and winning opportunities.

A winner type | Photo: Peggy_Marco,, Pixabay License

Practice on your own poker face and dominate the game

If you only want to challenge your luck, you play Lotto. However, it can also become lucrative if you try something new and want to make money on the Internet, for example. Here, too, it takes a certain hardiness and the right nose to get on the trail of success. Innovative thinking and courage are required.

A game that finds the best balance between luck and one’s own skill is poker. As one of the most traditional games in the history of gambling, it has produced true legends at the poker table. These are also true winners who quickly put defeats behind them and don’t let anything or anyone distract them from their own success.
To be able to play at such a level yourself, you need one thing above all: a lot of practice. Some top class poker players practice for hours every day. It’s not just about combinations and probabilities, but also about your own psyche. A poker casinos comparison is the best way for new players to get deeper into the matter. If you want to be successful, you need to be able to fall back on automatisms. These cannot be faked, they must be second nature to you.

From automatism to winning mentality

If the nervousness evaporates and only your own self-assurance and self-confidence remain, then you have succeeded in the most important step: You dominate the game. The more chance and luck can be pushed into a corner and the more you believe in your own well-considered decisions, the more likely it is that you are on the track to regular wins.