EuroJackpot: Megajackpot attracts fraudsters

Last week, the mega-jackpot in the EuroJackpot lottery was finally cracked. 90 million euros were waiting for a winner in prize category 1. That was an absolute record, because according to the rules of the game, the jackpot can’t go any higher. All other money was already paid out in the winning class 2.

A lottery player from the Czech Republic was finally the lucky one who had correctly marked all 5 numbers and the two correct Euro numbers on his lottery ticket last Friday. The only one in all of. He therefore collects 90 million euros all by himself.

The numbers were drawn in Helsinki as usual and this time they were: 12, 14, 18, 38, 46 and the two Euro numbers 9 and 10.

Winner still has time

But so far the winner, maybe it’s a lottery syndicate, you can’t tell from the lottery ticket, hasn’t reported to his lottery company, the Czech Sazka.
There can be many reasons for this. And it is not at all uncommon that winners, especially of large sums, do not report to the lottery company until later. After all, for many people it is initially inconceivable and incomprehensible to be really rich from now on. Although they have always dreamed of it.

In any case, the winner or winners do not need to put themselves under unnecessary pressure. You have 35 days from the day of the draw to declare your winnings and present your ticket. If everything is correct, the millions go quite fast on the own account.

Lotto balls | © Fiedels –

This attracts scammers

Since the real winner has not yet come forward, there are numerous contemporaries who apparently smell their chance. That’s why the phones at the Czech lottery company Sazka don’t stand still any more. Everyone wants to be the supposed winner and everyone has a different story why the lottery ticket with the correct tip is no longer there.

Sometimes the dog ate the lottery ticket, sometimes it was stolen, or the ticket was simply lost or lost. thrown away. None of these stories are credible, but the callers risk being charged with attempted fraud.

However, if the real winner does not have the ticket with the million-dollar tip at hand, he really has had very bad luck. Because without the right ticket there is no money. Then all that lovely money goes back into the jackpot again.