Win on the go with mobile games

People on the go often don’t want to miss out on their favorite games. tablet and cell phone are therefore ideal for indulging this passion. Whether in the waiting room of a doctor, on the bus or during a break at work, if you want to entertain yourself, you will always find the right mobile game.

There are countless games, but if you can win something, the entertainment value is even higher. If you like to play Angry Birds or The Sims on your smartphone, it doesn’t matter if you can win something or not, it’s just the game and the pastime that counts. Many people use mobile games to win something: money, an iPhone, vouchers or even a trip, some games offer more than just entertainment value.

Old, but still popular – board games

Board games like chess, backgammon or mahjong are still a popular pastime that can be played on the go. The online versions are just as appealing, where you play against other players online or against artificial intelligence. There are several websites where you can play board games either for free or with real money, such as or If you bet a few cents or euros, you can quickly secure a nice profit, provided you are good enough – of course. Even though there’s usually not much time to start a long chess session on the go, a quick round of backgammon or mahjong will keep you entertained in between.

Mahjong | Photo: iirliinnaa,, CC0 Creative Commons

Enjoy card games on the go

Fans of card games can’t get enough of them on the go and want to be able to access their favorite game at any time. There are many providers that offer their users entertaining card games, such as spiele.rtl.en. On RTL there are many Solitaire variants that you can enjoy on the way to work in the bus or train in no time at all. Whether Spider Solitaire, Freecell Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire or Luxor Solitaire, here is the right thing for everyone. One of the most popular sites for online casino games, PokerStars Casino, offers countless games on its mobile platform, where you can win real money. So in between you can quickly play a few rounds of Blackjack or Deuces Wild or try your hand at the various live dealer card games. Probably everyone knows one of the most popular card games from the past: UNO. In the meantime, you don’t need cards to play, because on your cell phone or tablet you can play UNO card games.en or play the different UNO variants comfortably. Together with your Facebook friends you can start your own games and earn rewards in weekly tournaments and on the leaderboards.

Dice games and slots

Online you can also find dice games, which players can play against the computer or a real opponent. In some of them you can also win prizes. Games like Yahtzee or Knobeln, are entertaining. The special attraction of this type of game is that neither strategy nor skill help, because the outcome is decided solely by chance. The same is also true for slots or machine games. Effective strategies to win there are not really, but they are a lot of fun and can be played quickly on the road. Those hoping for the big win should choose the games with progressive jackpots. If this is cracked, the winner could be one of the future millionaires.

Yahtzee dice | Photo: Skitterphoto,, CC0 Creative Commons

Yahtzee dice | Photo: Skitterphoto,, CC0 Creative Commons

Lotto is the big hit

According to a survey by Allensbach Market and Advertising Media Analysis, 7.27 million Germans play the lottery or Toto. A figure that shows how popular this game is among Germans. And Lotto or Toto can also be played on the move. With the Eurojackpot, many a person has become a millionaire overnight. How the popular LOTTO 6aus49 is also Eurojackpot A classic number lottery where you can win together with players from 18 European nations. Anyone who is well versed in soccer and follows every game on television knows TOTO. Whether result bet or 2- and 3-way tips, who correctly predicts the winner or the draw can win big.

The possibilities to win on the go on your mobile or tablet are almost endless. Not only can you pass the time while playing, but you may also win a nice prize.