Gambling sites without a license – Are they trustworthy?

Gambling sites without a license from Germany are in demand as never before. This is due to the since 15. October 2020 existing changes in the German gambling market. The attempt of the German authorities to legalize gambling sites without a license with transitional rules that will be in effect until the summer has permanently dampened the gambling enthusiasm of German players in online casinos, because severe restrictions and the prohibition of numerous casino games such as roulette or blackjack have been enacted.

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This article deals with alternative gambling sites where German players can find casino games including from table games, jackpot games and live casinos. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of these gambling sites and, based on the facts presented, check whether this offer can be an alternative for you to online casinos with a German license.

What are gambling sites without license?

Since German lawmakers have failed to create binding guidelines for players and operators of online gambling sites for more than a decade, every online casino to this day is technically a gambling site without German licenses. In July 2021, an official licensing for reliable online gambling operators should now finally take place. In the eyes of the German authorities, all those casinos without a license in Germany are considered to be reliable that have complied with the rules that have been in place since 15. October 2020 have strictly implemented the transitional rules.

These are numerous restrictions that meet with low acceptance among German players, because the excitement and entertainment value of casino games no longer offer what they were used to before. This has led to two distinct groups of online casinos: Those that speculate on a German license and follow the German transition rules, and the online casinos that still offer the full range of casino games. The price the latter have to pay is that they will remain online casinos without a license from Germany in the summer of 2021, as they are considered unreliable by the German authorities.

What restrictions have been placed on German online casinos?

For a better understanding of this fact, here are the main restrictions that the German government has enacted under the guise of player protection:

  • Only slot games are allowed.
  • This means: no table games, no jackpot games, no live casino games
  • Deposit limit of 1.000 € per month
  • Maximum stake per spin at slots 1 €
  • Ban on autoplay and 5 seconds of play per spin
  • Mandatory early detection of gambling addiction by the casino

In addition, providers are no longer allowed to use the terms “casino” or “casino games” in connection with the organization of virtual slot games. One of the big players in the casino industry, 888 Holdings with its 888 Casino brand has been guiding German players since 15.10.2020 to the slots um.

Is it legal to play in a casino without a license in Germany?

For German players in online casinos will be until the 1. July 2021 in principle nothing will change. Before the new German State Treaty on Gambling has not entered into force, gambling in online casinos will not be prosecuted and will continue to be tolerated. It does not matter at all whether the provider follows the German transition rules or not. This is the reason why German players are leaving the established online casinos in droves and signing up with brands that are not so well known so far in order to continue enjoying roulette, blackjack, jackpot games and live casinos.

However, these casino providers are not allowed to advertise their offer directly to people living in Germany. Tobacco companies are not allowed to do this either, and yet people still smoke. The Internet offers many other ways to find providers for casino games. Gambling forums and comparison platforms are a good source here to find out about the reputation of an international casino. This is also important because there are still fraudulent websites that try to exploit the distress of German casino players.

Important criteria for reputable online casinos without restrictions

Anyone considering a change of their previously preferred online casino without a license in Germany for the reasons mentioned so far should, in their own interest, consider some criteria for reputable providers. Even though we always talk about online casinos without a license, a valid permit from a state regulatory authority is very important. An online casino without a license in Germany is not necessarily an online casino without a license at all.

An indication of seriousness is also a secure hypertext transmission protocol when transferring data and SSL encryption. Especially with financial transactions, sensitive data must often be transferred, which must not be visible to third parties. Regarding the fairness of casino games, reputable providers regularly have their casino software audited by independent organizations such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs. Therefore, look for appropriate logos on the website and click on them to view certificates.

How are casinos without a license monitored?

Playing in completely unregulated online casinos is not recommended, because customers are not protected from fraud in any way. Here there is a risk that winnings are not paid out or misuse is made with customer data. Customers then have little chance of legal assistance because the operators are based abroad. Therefore, avoid playing in completely unregulated online casinos at all costs.

Online casinos with a license from an EU member state are the safest online casinos at the moment. A particularly good reputation has been earned by the licensor Malta. The country has been a member of the EU since 2004 and is very popular as a licensor for online gambling. Regulation by the Malta Gaming Authority testifies to the seriousness of the operator and is therefore highly sought after by both casinos and developers for casino software.

Cyprus and Curacao also appear as casino licensors. The Curacao license is also to be classified as an EU license, as Curacao belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Both EU licenses are not as prestigious as the license from Malta.

Casino licensors outside Europe include Panama, Antigua and Costa Rica. To be honest, it has to be said that these countries are not that particular about regulation and primarily want to earn from the license fees. However, players can expect lucrative bonus offers here. As a disadvantage has proven that casinos located in such countries usually do not offer as diverse payment options as casinos with EU license.

What can German players expect from online casinos without a license?

A usual wide range of casino games without any restrictions. That is the bottom line, which again offers German players a reasonable alternative to online casinos that are no longer allowed to call themselves so. Casino games are a popular hobby. They should be fun and entertaining. Casinos without a license are thus facing casinos with restrictions where these values have been lost. Since in the eyes of casinos with restrictions, the value of customers has also become lower, as less money is deposited and played with lower stakes, German customers can also expect better welcome bonuses at the casino without a license. The concept of casinos without a license convinces with offers that players desire.

Are gambling sites without a license recommended?

In any case, it is worth checking the statements made here with an unbiased viewpoint. Ultimately, it is the consumer’s decision whether he wants to try out what the gambling market has to offer. Make your own experiences in casinos without a license and compare these experiences with the restrictions that the German regulatory authorities have imposed on casinos. Responsible gambling requires mature players who know what they want and what they don’t want.

Casinos without a license compared to casinos with restrictions

For a neutral point of view, the most important advantages and disadvantages of both casino forms are mentioned here once again:

  • Casinos with restriction

Protection by German regulatory authority

Deposit and wagering limits

Slot games from well-known providers

Artificial game extension per spin on slot games

Euro is always accepted as currency

No classics like roulette and blackjack

Extensive player protection measures

Legal security and legality

  • Casinos without a license

Wider game selection with table games, jackpot games and live casinos

Casinos located outside Europe might not accept Euro as currency

Wide range of payment options such as eWallets, credit cards, instant banking and cryptocurrencies

Possible fraud with bad research

Regular bonus offers for new players and existing customers

No restrictions on the gameplay

Life-changing winnings possible through jackpot games

Conclusion: decide for yourself

In this article, an attempt was made to show the advantages and disadvantages that players can expect in casinos that are not licensed in Germany. It is the freedom of everyone to get an accurate picture of the possibilities on the gambling market and make their own personal decision. The aim of this article was to gather facts and help with the decision process. Now it is your turn. Decide for yourself.