Gambling? But safe: All about casino licenses

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Casinos have a long tradition and have always been popular. In some states, casino gambling is completely prohibited, in others it is strictly regulated. However, these restrictions do not serve to deprive people of the freedom to pursue a particular occupation. Casino licenses serve one purpose above all:

They should make playing exciting casino games as fair, as transparent and as safe as possible. Especially in times of online casinos, which are accessible to players of different nations, this is important. Numerous gambling commissions control casinos all over the world. But which known casino licenses are there at all? And where are their advantages, where are their disadvantages?

Overview of the most popular casino licenses

The requirements for online casinos are becoming more and more extensive. Among other things, this is to make money laundering impossible. However, fairness also plays a big role. Therefore, casinos must prove that they pay out winnings due. In addition, they must reinforce responsible gambling to help users not slip into a gambling addiction.

At the same time, however, casinos must also strive to provide the most colorful gaming offer possible in order to provide their customers with an exciting gambling experience.

German players usually opt for a casino with a license from Malta or Curacao.

Curacao casino license

The Curacao license stands for a gaming experience without limits and restrictions. While online casinos subject to other licenses often have to remove games from their offer and regulate deposit and withdrawal limits, the regulations in this regard are less strict with the Curacao license.

To attract new customers, Curacao casinos also often offer a lucrative welcome bonus. Unlike casinos with other licenses, the bonus is often even available without the deposit of real money – for example, 150 free spins without a deposit – or at least against a very small deposit.

Players therefore have the opportunity to enjoy a fully comprehensive casino experience. They have access not only to volatile slots, but also to popular card and table games. The classics baccarat, roulette, blackjack, poker and exciting bingo games are usually even available in the live casino. The possibility to compete against real players and to prove their skills in the live deal game is for many casino friends the tipping point when it comes to choosing an online casino. No wonder, then, that the Curacao gambling license is also very popular with German users.

But there are also disadvantages

Cautious players sometimes refrain from the Curacao license. This is because the image of the licensing was not the best one. However, because users should always choose their online casino wisely, with a little research it is possible to find very reputable Curacao casinos. The only general disadvantage of having a license from Curacao is the jurisdiction – any legal disputes are more complex than they would be with a casino with a German license.

Maltese casino license

In addition to the Curacao license, the casino license of the Maltese Gaming Authority is best known in Germany. The license stands for a high level of player protection, transparency and fairness. As the first authority in Europe to regulate so-called remote gambling in online casinos, the MGA is an absolute professional in the field. For this reason, the MGA license is considered the first choice for many German users. The jurisdiction in Europe is another advantage for German customers.

The MAG license also has disadvantages

Since the introduction of the German State Treaty on Gambling in July 2021, online casinos that offer their services in this country are subject to certain requirements – at least if they also want to apply for the German license. Many Maltese-licensed online casinos choose this path. For players, this means:

Lower deposit limits, a smaller game selection and a casino experience without live dealer games. These restrictions serve to protect players, but are met with disfavor by passionate gamblers. So those who prefer to play in a casino without limits are now increasingly choosing an online casino with a Curacao license. Licenses from the Isle of Man, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar are further alternatives.