Turning gold into money

Dental gold, silver, jewelry, watches and much more can be quickly and easily converted into cash. From precious metals, for which no one in its present form has a real use anymore, you should part, otherwise they cost you in the end only money.

Buying gold in Berlin

Who informs himself on the subject “Goldankauf Berlin”, will quickly also meet the company Hauptstadtgold. It is available both online and in its branch in Berlin (in the Tempelhofer Hafen shopping center).
Hauptstadtgold offers every interested party a free consultation on site. The value of the customer’s gold or jewelry is determined and how much money a purchase would bring him. When determining the value, it always depends on the current rate of gold and the other precious metals, such as silver and platinum. Another criterion for the price is the degree of purity of the gold on hand. The purer the gold, the higher the price. The highest quality has fine gold (999, 24.0 kt). That brings depending on the rate around 30 EUR per gram. Important for the purchase value is also the form. A distinction is made between ingots, jewelry, dental gold or precious stones.
On this basis, the value of the gold is calculated and an offer is made to the customer. If you agree, you get your money immediately in cash.

Online transaction possible

Customers who do not live in Berlin can always order a shipping bag in which they can pack their gold and send it to the company. Hauptstadtgold then examines the gold on hand and makes the customer an offer, which he can accept or reject. If the customer should reject the offer, he gets the gold free of charge sent back home. If the offer is accepted, the customer will receive the money within 3 days on his bank account, by cash, PayPal or as a crossed check.
Who wants to have it very quickly, should therefore visit the Berlin branch. A purchase directly on site takes less time than an online transaction of course.

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5 good reasons

There are 5 reasons why a customer should go straight to Hauptstadtgold. First of all, the company offers no bait, but fair offers, which the customer can then really take advantage of. In addition, the customer enters by a personal conversation or an online transaction no obligation to sell. In addition, an honest consultation takes place, in which one takes time for the customer. In addition, Hauptstadtgold is not only online but also in their branch available. Ultimately, the customer decides with which payment method he would like to receive his money. Whether as a delivery of cash, the classic payment by bank transfer, by PayPal or by crossed check, the customer decides.