The high winnings and the most successful players in online poker

Why is online poker currently so popular? Not just since today, but for several years now there have been big changes in poker. In the past real casino games were very popular and live poker tournaments were watched with pleasure. Meanwhile, the tide has turned and the masses are interested in online poker.

Therefore it also comes to the fact that in this area meanwhile larger jackpots are waiting than in many live tournaments. This annoys die-hard poker fans who like to sit at the table and play eye-to-eye against real people. But this change is probably not to be reversed.

Understandably, online casino enjoy very great popularity. Why do players go to gambling portals in Germany like Casino Now? Because these have many advantages over traditional casino games in real gambling houses. Both location and time independence are two important factors. In online poker, there is also the fact that you can always find players who want to compete against you.

But this change also brings some changes to the table itself. Because while reading your opponent used to be very important, now the mathematics stands rather in the foreground. No one really sits across from each other anymore. At online casinos, however, there are many other opportunities and features that good players know how to take advantage of.

Who are the most successful online poker players?

As it is usual on the Internet, any data and values are recorded there. So it is of course with online poker and the best poker players and their winnings. Most of these players are still relatively young and early adopters of online casino opportunities or pokersites, recognized. Based on a lot of data, we can present the best four poker players in online poker in this article:

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is with high probability the most successful poker player in the world. Because currently he already has ten million US dollars won in poker tournaments. Not only therefore it is known all over the world and is seen with pleasure.

In fact, its strengths are basically everywhere. There seems to be nothing he can’t do. Also therefore he has already nine “WSOP” bracelets, however, he is also very active in online poker and above all very successful on the road.

He is known for his high Stakes as well as blinds from up to 50.000 US Dollars. He convinces above all by his sharp and exact analyses of the play and the opponents. This allows him to adapt his game strategy to the current table in the best possible way. A player like Phil Ivey, therefore, doesn’t care whether he plays offline or online poker; he simply always wins.

Thomas Boekoff

Thomas Boekoff

Thomas Boekoff, who is known as Boku 87, is a German school dropout who turned his passion into a profession. His successes include the so-called Boku Challenge and his excellent multitabling. In the former he managed to reach the top in two weeks from one hundred US dollars, 10.000 US dollars.

The latter involves playing at many tables at the same time. This he did once with 51 tables on the top and is therefore very popular in Germany and on the Internet.

Without online poker, Thomas Boekoff would probably have gone a different way and would most likely never have been able to celebrate his great successes. Both his own challenge and his remarkable multitabling skills have brought him much international fame. The young German talent also clears five-figure sums almost daily.

Thomas Dwan

Thomas Dwan

Thomas Dwan, like Thomas Boekoff, dropped out of school and switched to online poker at the age of seventeen. He did not draw attention to himself with special challenges or extraordinary skills. Thomas Dwan started with very low stakes and worked his way up and up over time.

This led him to High stakes with blinds of 1.000 US dollars after playing for a short time. As a result, he became more and more successful and rich, so that he is currently one of the best and most successful online poker players on this planet.

Daniel Cates

Daniel Cates

Daniel Cates came out of nowhere and created making it to more than five million U.S. dollars in winnings in just one year through online casino games, more precisely through online poker. But his journey to becoming one of the best online poker players in the world also included many losses and even a bust. This was the price he had to pay for his aggressive play.

But in the end it was exactly this that helped him in heads up games as well as short-handed games and put him on the winning track. As a result, in just six years, he made it to the seventeen times millionaire just by his winnings at the online poker table.

What is the conclusion about the most successful poker players and their winnings?

All of the above poker games have cleared many millions of US dollars in online poker and are among the best players in the world. Of course, Phil Ivey became famous and successful in classic offline poker, but now he is also very successful playing online.

The other three players would probably never have become what they are today without the many opportunities offered by online casinos or sites like Pokerstars. Their winnings, only through online poker can be more than respectable. They show that ordinary people, with either a little talent or a lot of practice, can become rich people through online poker.